Respect the team’s gift

Respect the team’s gift.

You finally have a great worship team. Your sound is tight, your relationships are strong, your worship ministry is solid, and you want to keep it that way.

One of the things that can undermine that unity is a lack of respect for each other—a disrespect of people’s time.

I’ve been a minister for years, but there have been times, for different reasons, when I’ve worked a second job in addition to the ministry work. I’ve done this on top of being a mother and the domestic manager of my home. I know just how little physical and mental energy is left after working two jobs, managing a home, and caring for a family.

I have a friend, a guitar player, who works two jobs and cares for his immediate and extended family. He’s been a volunteer worship leader for years. I empathize with the sacrifice of his personal time to bless the church. I’m grateful for the gift of his time. I also know a volunteer vocalist who works a demanding full-time job and is a mother of young children. She gives her personal relaxation time to her church to lead worship.

But I’ve also heard some senior pastors and worship ministers complain about the fact that those amazing volunteers don’t seem to be committed to do special services or extra meetings. Those ministers don’t respect the incredible gift of a volunteer’s time.

Where am I headed with this post? I want to encourage you to respect your team’s time. Set your rehearsal schedule, but work with their lives. I’ve encouraged team relationships and the development of spiritual growth in other posts, but there also is a balance where compassion and understanding for people’s time and personal/family commitments comes into play.

Work together, and respect the different seasons of people’s lives. Walk through life together and enjoy how rich and fulfilling it can be.