What's most important

What’s most important?

We all have a hundred things pulling at us all day long, and it feels like they never stop. Laundry doesn’t do itself; work doesn’t get done just by looking at it. There’s one more meeting to prepare for, one more lesson to write, one more set list to put together, one more thing (or 20 more things) to do. Life takes our time and our energy. Sometimes it can be overwhelming.

I sat down at the piano the other night (yes, I still have an acoustic piano, because when the power goes out, it still plays). It had been a difficult day. So many things seem to need my attention. So I began to play, not to put a worship set together, and not to write a new song, but simply to worship God. I just played, and told Him that I love Him.

I just played, and loved, and flowed with what was inside me where His Spirit lives. I didn’t try to figure out what to do with all the things and the pressures. I focused on God and how amazing He is. I don’t even know how long I played and eventually sang, but when I was done, I was different.

I had remembered who I am first of all: a worshipper.