Give them a feast

Give them a feast.

There are times when I’m leading worship where I’m tempted to be discouraged by the congregation’s actions or disengagement. I know that it’s not my responsibility as a worship leader to make someone do or feel something. But there have been times when the presence of God has been so powerful, and yet people in the congregation were distracted or yawning.

Let me be frank. They were yawning with their mouths open. Didn’t their mothers teach them to cover their mouths when they yawn? But I digress.

It’s easy to be distracted when you’re on the platform. You’re there to lead and encourage, and it’s easy to be discouraged when it seems as if people don’t sense what you sense. What should you do?

My mother, who was one of my mentors in ministry, told me after I had preached my first sermon and had totally tanked, “Your job is not to make people receive; your job is to give the Word of God to the best of your knowledge and ability. It’s the Holy Spirit’s job to make the Word come alive in the people’s spirits. And it’s the people’s job to receive.”

In other words, give them a feast.

Prep your worship set, practice your songs, perfect your skills, submit yourself to God, pray, and lead worship from your heart. Then, give them a feast: give God the glory that He deserves in heartfelt, Spirit-directed worship. Lead the people in giving God honor. And trust that the Holy Spirit will inspire the people in worship as you give them a feast.