What do you take on stage with you?

 What do you take on stage with you?

What do you take onto the stage with you when you lead worship? You take something more important than gear, your voice, or an instrument to the stage. You take your character—your traits, moral qualities, and standards as a person.

Your character shows in everything you do. It shows in your facial expressions, your words, your actions, and your interaction with the worship team and the congregation.

Your character is influenced by the quality of your relationship with God. When you’re in close fellowship with Him, it shows. When you haven’t bothered to study your Bible and pray, it shows.

There is no point in being false—putting on a fake smile and acting spiritual. The depth and quality of your spiritual life shows.

What we should want is that our personality traits reflect His, our moral qualities reflect His instructions in the Bible, and our standards are high—they are His standards.This only happens when we submit to the instruction found in God’s Word and we actively, regularly, personally pray and worship.

So, let’s get authentic with God, and allow Him to guide us to change and become more like Him. Don’t sing about how you want God to change you; you do it. Read His Word and make the changes. Focus your personal worship on Him and how wonderful He is, and I guarantee that as you focus on Him, He will reveal Himself to you to a greater extent, and you will be inspired to become more like Him in every way.

What should we take on stage? A personal revelation of who God is that infuses who we are and everything that we say and do.