Look at the whole not the piece

Look at the whole, not the piece.

What if there were no sound techs in a recording studio? What if there were no artisans to make guitars or to hand-craft cymbals?

We rely on sound techs to augment, EQ, and record our songs. Without artisans, we have nothing of worth to play. Every person contributes something of value.

So why do we belittle the job that God gave us to do if it’s something other than being the lead? What God has asked you to do is important even if you don’t think that it is. We think that what we do is less than important when we compare ourselves to other people. We’re disrespecting God and His will and plan when we do that.

Each person is a part of a whole, and when we all obey God’s leading, we create something beautiful and full that everyone can see and hear.

Don’t be discouraged or angry or hurt if you aren’t the lead or if you were passed over for a solo or an opportunity. Rememberthat your identity is in Christ. You will be most fulfilled if you just stay tight with Him and obey.