Surviving a musical train wreck

How do you survive a musical train wreck?

So what do you do when you crash and burn musically while leading worship? You’ve experienced it—that time when someone wasn’t watching and the intro started like a train wreck, or the lead vocal missed her entrance, or she was off by half of a beat through verse one. It’s happened to all of us, to the best prepared set, to the most competent musicians.

We’re human; we make mistakes. So what should we do when that happens?

Smile. Own it. Start over if you need to or fix it as you go. But seriously, don’t let it bother you or destroy your confidence or ruin the opportunity to worship God.

Talk about it briefly as a team after the service so it doesn’t undermine confidence. Laugh together. Determine to work through that musical minefield at the next rehearsal. Then pray together, and remind each other why you do this.

You lead worship to glorify God, not to entertain people.