I attended a Good Friday service during this Easter season. It was contemplative but not melancholy. The worship team kept the arrangements of the songs simple and gentle. The choice of songs was appropriate. The Scripture, brief message, and time of personal reflection was meaningful. I was moved deeply.

From the moment that I entered the building, I sensed a reverence, an atmosphere of respect for Jesus Christ and His sacrifice. Everything that was said and done was accompanied by honor for God. No attention was placed on any one person; all attention was on Jesus and the cross that sat at the front of the sanctuary.

That sense of reverence was with me for the rest of the night. Once again, I had been made aware of the depth of Jesus' sacrifice and His great love.

I recognize that most of our church services are focused on a celebration of what Jesus has done, and I'm a big advocate for abandoned, joyful praise and worship, but honor, respect, and reverence for God should be a part of my worship as well. I honor what He's done, I respect His presence, I revere who He is, and I love Him with all my heart. My worship is given out of that.