50 shillings and a bicycle fundi

50 shillings and a bicycle fundi.


I’ve been in Kenya for a while now, teaching in worship clinics and workshops. One of the main concepts that generates discussion during the teaching is the topic of song words. We all have our favorite songs. Songs that mean something to us because God used those songs to bless us in a tough time. Songs that appeal to our emotions. Songs that we’ve sung in church for years.

But as we grow and learn more about God and His Word through study, we see that some of those songs are like the story I tell about the 50 shillings I owe to the bicycle fundi – the bicycle repairman.

When my bicycle has been fixed, I need to pay the fundi what he deserves. If I’ve paid part but still owe him 50 Kenyan shillings, he will keep the bicycle. So I take my 50 shillings to the fundi so he will release my bike. His hands are extended to receive, and the money is in my hand. If I stand here and say to my hand, “Hand, give the money now. Oh my hand, give the money to the fundi now,” but I don’t actually give the money – I just talk to my hand – I’m not doing what needs to be done. I’m not giving the money to the person to whom it is due. I’m just talking to my hand.

At times we do that in our relationship with God. He deserves our praise, our words of blessing, our words of worship. And yet we sing, “Bless the Lord oh my soul,” which really is just me telling myself what I should be doing…instead of actually doing it.

Also, I’ve realized that instead of singing or saying what I should do, e.g. “I will worship” etc., I should actually just do it. I should be singing or saying, “Father, I worship you. I bless you for Your goodness and faithfulness. I honor You for who You are. You are mighty, holy, awesome, strong to save, creator, everlasting God, unchangeable, all powerful,” and more. Then I truly am blessing Him – worshiping Him.

Let’s evaluate what we’re saying and singing so we truly are worshiping God, because really, it’s worship of and to Him.