It's not about you

Someone once said to me, “Why don’t you take a job as a worship pastor at that church? It would give you exposure for your ministry.” My response was, “Ministry isn’t about me. It’s not my ministry. What I do and say is supposed to represent and point to Jesus Christ.”

Ministry is not about you promoting yourself. I say this phrase in every worship clinic: It’s not about you. We have to understand that worship of God is exactly that: it is worship of God.  When we get together to rejoice about what God has done and to sing about Him, it’s not about us.

As singers or instrumentalists, we facilitate an opportunity for corporate worship. We’re not entertainers; it’s not a club or a concert, so we shouldn’t be drawing attention to ourselves or performing. When we lead worship, we have the honor of directing attention to God—how amazing He is, how impactful are His actions, and how interactive is His purpose.

A desire to honor God and focus on who He is in worship cannot happen if our focus is on making a name for ourselves, promoting our ministry. Ministry is an opportunity to serve our Father God and people, just as Jesus did, with self-sacrifice and demonstrated love.

It’s not about you and me; it’s about Him.