The primary thing should be the primary thing

I’m a busy person.

I like to be busy; it keeps me from being bored. But in the past, I have substituted work—even ministry work—for my time with God. I would justify that doing ministry work or work for my family was enough. I mean, after all, I was doing ministry. At times, my work supplanted the time that I would normally read my Bible, and I would skip my personal worship time. I was leading worship regularly so I told myself that was enough.

I was wrong.

My relationship with God is more important than any other relationship. My other relationships are better when God is my first love. Doing ministry work, leading worship, and serving my church or my family are all important in my life, but they are not substitutes for time given to the One who is most important to me, the One who gave me spiritual life.

I changed.

I’ve learned that work and busyness do not have to keep me from my fellowship with God. I have a God who I can talk with at any time. I talk to Him and worship in the car on the way to work. I talk to Him while doing laundry and household chores. I’ve chosen to spend every moment with God. I’ve chosen to recognize that He’s always with me and He’s always available at any time. I keep my focus on Him. He is woven into the fabric of my life. And I’ve set aside time that is just for God and me where I’ve been getting to know Him better through the words that He’s spoken in the Bible.

I encourage you to develop your awareness of God’s presence and the joy of living each day close to Him. Everything else around you will become so much better when the person who should be first in your life is actually your first priority. (Matthew 6:33)

The primary thing in life is to live life hand-in-hand with God.