Creativity explodes with collaboration

Let’s face it, we’re all different. That’s what makes us a great team.

Each one of us brings something different to the team; not just different vocal tones or different instruments or styles of playing, but different personalities, experiences, and perspectives.

Worship teams have the opportunity to celebrate what each team member brings. It just takes time and a leader who listens and is willing to try new things with the team to find where each person fits best.

Then, be creative with song arrangements, chords, vocal placement, and harmonies, laughing and enjoying each other while you do it.

As the leader of a ministry organization, I value each person who works with me. They’ve chosen to work beside me in achieving the organization’s goals and at the same time, they’re pursuing their personal goals and development. I see it this way: I have the privilege to hear their thoughts, to see things from a different perspective, and to do some amazing work with these talented people.

We don’t always agree about how something should be done, but we talk, plan and try new things until we find what works best. I’m glad that we don’t agree. I need them and they need me. Together we have a stronger vision of what can be.

Everyone is unique. Finding where each person fits best allows them the opportunity to pursue their passion, and it augments the team. It requires that a leader let go of control and simply direct the creative process. When everyone is allowed to truly bring what they have to offer, they will be fulfilled and the creativity generated within the team will be unlimited.