Keeping a good attitude

When you're a part of a small team, you feel needed. People can hear you when you sing or when you play an instrument. When you're a part of a larger team like a choir, or you're on a rotating schedule and do not always sing or play, you may feel that your talent is overlooked. That can be discouraging.

When we're discouraged and we think that we're not receiving the recognition we deserve, we have missed the point of worship ministry. Ministry is service. It's service to God and service to people. You are serving and blessing God when you worship Him. You are serving people by preparing and creating an opportunity for corporate worship to occur.

Keeping a good attitude even when you know your talent and skills aren't being used is vital. Paul wrote in Philippians 2:1-8 that we should live and work together in unity—with the same mind and love—without selfish ambition or conceit, focusing instead on preferring others and doing what is best for them with humility. Jesus is our example in this. Regardless of His position before coming to earth, He willingly sacrificed Himself for us. He preferred us; He put us and what we needed before Himself.

If we're truly in worship ministry to serve and bless God and people, then the ministry opportunity is not about us. It's not about whether we are heard or seen. It's about creating a great sound that comes from being unified together through Jesus Christ. It's about corporate worship where we are blessing God together. It's about being like Jesus.