Finding that place

There’s a sweet spot in the presence of God. A place where it seems as if you cease to exist and it’s all just Him. A place of such comfort and rest that you are refreshed. A place where you’re sensitive to Him. A place where hearing from Him, sensing His prompting, is easy.

How do we get there?

It happens in your personal worship time when you shut down the noise and distractions. It’s when you open yourself to Him, being authentic and abandoned. It isn’t the time when you are crying out to Him for the answer to a question or praying that a situation would be resolved. This is a time where you’re only focusing on Him and expressing your love and appreciation for Him.

It’s a place of simplicity.

It’s not in the midst of production or presentation. It’s a simple expression of your relationship with God. Real, meaningful, heartfelt worship starts at home. It’s you giving Him the adoration He deserves. It’s you saying, “God, You’re more than enough. You’re stronger than any other. You’re always faithful. You never lie. You’re the One True God.”

It’s you appreciating the depth of His character.

We’re quick to vent to each other about problems and challenges we face. We’re quick to try to produce worship services that are structured, slick, and perfect. We’re quick to try to live our lives and do the ministry with our own strength and wisdom. But God never intended that we live our lives or minister that way. He wants us to rely on His wisdom, His direction, His strength, and the refreshing that comes from being with Him where He is the center of our attention.

That sweet spot of connection with God in personal worship is the basis for worship-leading in the church. When it’s important to you to spend time with God, it will show. Your worship-leading at church will be grounded in that sweet place of relationship. It starts at home.