Where does worship of God begin?

I was listening to a song while driving the other day. The words of the chorus were simple, “You are holy, holy. Holy is the Lord.” As I sang along with the song, my spirit was so stirred, and once again I was reminded that God is real and is so worthy of adoration of His character.

In a world full of compromise and subjective morality, there is an absolute. God is holy. He is moral, pure, and light in which no darkness exists.

Think about that.

We tend to want to shape God into our image instead of truly looking at Him and seeing that He is more. He is more of everything that is strong, beautiful, worthy, and wise. He is the source of health and life, the designer of opportunities, the creator of intricate nature, the orchestrator of a plan that transcends time. He is more.

The revelation of who God is is the inspiration of worship. When we actually look at Him, at who He is, we will truly worship Him.

Everything is put into perspective when you worship and your focus is actually on God. You realize that not everything is about you, but you’re a part of a great design and a community that is connected through Jesus Christ, one which has the privilege and pleasure of relationship with someone who is the definition of all that is good, just, righteous, holy, faithful, and so much more.

Stop for a moment, put the distractions aside, and just worship Him. If all you say or sing is “You are holy” it will remind you of His purity and power—His character that is above all that is around you. Focus on Him. Bless Him with your recognition of who He is. That is true worship.